To give the children a Sport Education…

In this day and age of both parents often work and have less of an opportunity to spend time with their children, education must be offered by different adult figures such as school teachers or sport coaches.

The "Evolutiv' Tennis" also focuses on the bond created between students and their teacher – its essential. Our coaches will always communicate a positive attitude and help the children to achieve without the fear of failure...
Le Petit Smash's coaches carry long term objectives and ambition for their students – showing support and trust. Teaching tennis to the youngest children (3 and up) requires excellent teaching qualities: both a very good knowledge of tennis and of young children behavior.
Some teachings are helpful for every sport and for life aswell :
We want to reinforce proper nutrition and hydration to help in the forming of good habits and avoid obesity.
We teach how to prevent injuries through stretching and warmups.
We also teach values such as sportsmanship, following rules, social behavior within a group, a team or against another player, but also emotion managment.