• Le Petit Smash
    Le Petit Smash seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle, develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and tennis.
  • Where are we?
    In Southern California and West Florida.

Le Petit Smash Kids Academy: a tennis Tennis Academy starting at the age of 3…

The “Petit Smash Kids Academy” was born out of a desire to teach
tennis to youths with an adaptated method, to favor success
without competing with other students.

The method used is “Evolutiv’Tennis”, it was directly inspired by a 25 years experience in teaching regular lessons, clinics and coaching competitiors. The key is, through the use of a variety of teaching material, to gradually increase the diffculty of the exercises. Every children being dierent, the increasement must be specifc to everyone’s capabilities without leaving anyone out of the game. The #1 objective is to make the students do their best in a fun and motivating atmosphere, respecting their age and abilities {link on}